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Top Rated BBB Accredited National Car Shipping Directory

Do you run an auto transport company and need to be included in a top rated BBB accredited national car shipping directory?
Competition is stiff in the shipping industry with more and more people opting to make use of brokers for their national shipping needs. In order to provide consumers with a reliable source for shipping their vehicles from one state to another that will fit their budget, – now in beta phase – aims to provide the ultimate resource for auto transport services on the net. This directory will provide consumers with the information necessary for them to make an informed decision as to which company to use for their shipping needs. If you run a shipping company that provides amongst the best approved national shipping services, you will want to be listed as such on Brokers for auto shipping will utilize also, in order to determine the quality of service provided by the various shippers they will select when trying to fulfil their client needs. will list all dependable shippers and brokers along with their relevant contact details, website and brief description of their services on CMD and will promote those companies that are accredited with at least a B rating with the Better Business Bureau.
There are three listing types:
AL (Allied Listings)
These are companies that endorse CMD and have a banner posted on their own website and shipping companies who update their data frequently. Research has been done on Allied Listings, all major reference sites have been checked by CMD (BBB and Transport Authority sites) and a score is allocated to the shipping company listed.
SL (Standard Listings)
These are shipping companies who have claimed their business name and are actively maintaining and updating their listings with the correct information to help visitors decide who to ship with, however, they do not have a banner on their websites.
BL (Basic Listings)
Those businesses that have been listed by CMD and only the basic information is available on them. The information is unverified and may be incomplete, incorrect, out of date and unverified. The use of these companies could be risky due to the lack of reliable information. Standard listings are not authorized to carry a CMD banner on their websites.
To find out if you have already been listed or to ensure that you are listed as a licensed and approved, dependable auto shipper, please visit or use the sign up menu option to register or use this link:

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