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Tips – Shipping Your Vehicle

Prior to shipping your vehicle, there are many things you can do to make the move more successful and safe.  The percentage of autos that get damaged in transit is estimated to be less than 5%, however, that percentage could be reduced further if the owners of the vehicle being shipped were more informed on the task ahead.  In this article, I will be highlighting a few very simple steps that you can take to make the shipping of your vehicle much safer.

It is very wise to do a complete inspection of your vehicle prior to handing over the keys to the chosen shipping agency.  In order to do this properly, it is strongly advised that you wash your vehicle well, take photos of the vehicle from each angle and take close-up pictures of damage that currently exists on the vehicle to be shipped.  Make a written list of scratches, dents and/or chips and date your pictures.  Then when the shipping company arrives, you must ensure that they get a record of the current damage to your vehicle in the form of an official note (Bill of Lading).  This is so that when you do an inspection upon receipt of the shipped auto, you can quickly and easily point out any additional damage that the vehicle may have sustained during transportation.

It is advisable to NOT ship any personal items in the vehicle

If you ship personal items in your automobile, the weight will increase the overall cost of shipment and potentially cause more damage to your vehicle or someone else’s.  Then, take it a step further and remove all removable CD players, radio face-plates, GPS systems and custom-made stereos.  Should you not remove these detachable items and they go missing, you will not be covered under any insurances during the shipping process.  Everything should be removed from the inside of the auto as well as from the trunk.  Also remove any toll tag or parking passes.

Do not leave a full tank of gas in the auto.  This too increases the costs, however, your vehicle will be driven very short distances during the shipping process.  A quarter or and eighth of a tank of gas is more than sufficient.  Upon dropping off your vehicle or upon pick up, make a note of the odometer reading.  All leaks or mechanical issues need to be reported to the shipping company as an inoperable vehicle can cause unnecessary delays for the transport of your vehicle, as well as that of other clients using the same service.  All leaks should be reported to the driver or shipping company so that they do not place your vehicle in the top rack of the multi-car carrier as drops of oil or gas can cause damage to the vehicles below.  If your vehicle in inoperable, please let the carrier know so they can make the necessary arrangements for the shipping of your auto.

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