How Much Does It Cost to ship a car? How can I get the cheapest auto transport rates?

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Use our Auto Transport Rate Calculator to receive an estimate.

If you are ready to ship your vehicle, be sure to get a custom quote from the car shipping company of your choice.

Car shipping costs vary in many ways. It is dependent on how urgently you need to ship your vehicle, the pickup and drop off cities and locations, the type of vehicle, its condition and if you prefer open or enclosed shipment. Below is a basic indicator of shipping costs for a sedan in good running condition, with pickup and drop off locations along popular routes, in an open car carrier. An enclosed shipment will be anywhere between 50 – 100% more expensive.

Please Note: These are just estimates. Some companies may offer bargain rates but it could mean that you will have to wait until a carrier has an empty spot to fill and is willing to accept a rate below industry average. Some brokers may even bargain on your behalf to get the shipment at the best possible rate. If you are in a hurry, you may pay up to twice the bargain rate to get your vehicle shipped in the time frame you want.

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