Auto transport Insurance, get Gap Protection from approved BBB accredited companies.

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Auto Transport Brokers do not insure vehicles. The Carrier Companies that do the actual transport are responsible for insuring vehicles while on their trucks.

Your vehicle is insured100% with a zero deductible for most anything that may happen while it is on the truck or being loaded on or off the truck. This includes collision, negligence in loading the vehicle and damage due to truck driver error. It does not cover natural disasters such as weather damage – hail or tornadoes or earth quakes, or in transit between the pickup and drop off locations. That means that if a driver is in any form of collision or accident while driving the vehicle to and from the carrier it is not covered by the carriers insurance. For these reasons a vehicle has to be insured by the owner. 

If a carriers’ insurance fails to pay for any reason, a shipper will have to use personal vehicle insurance. Unfortunately this does happen more often than one would expect. Reading the numerous comments of customers on review websites is evident of this. So be sure to have your personal vehicle insurance up to date as a backup.

Some brokers offer gap cover that will compensate you if a carrier’s insurance fails to pay. It will compensate for a shipper’s deductible, cover minor damages that were not noticed at the time of signing the bill of lading and offer car hire services for delays in delivery. We recommend shippers strongly to take this cover as the cost warrants the benefit you will receive from it. It provides you with the extra peace of mind that you will not be out of pocket in case a carrier’s insurance fails to pay. If a broker does not offer it, and you want that peace of mind, it may be good to find one that does.

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