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The CSA  (Compliance and Safety Administration) is the government Department of Transportation Authority that regulates all auto transport registration and insurance for brokers and carriers.

Every registered business receives a MC# from the CSA. By using the MC#, anyone can determine the current status of a business.

If you cannot find a company registered with the CSA, SAFER FMCSA authority, DO NOT SHIP WITH THEM.

Score Determination

All companies should receive a score of 100 for this reference. Considerations are that the company's registration is valid and insurance is up to date. 

Please be aware that although the information on this website is regularly updated, it may happen that a carrier's insurance has expired in between updates. It is, therefore, always necessary to confirm with the brokering company you are working with to verify the insurance status of a carrier before you ship with them.

Site Review, Comments and Report

CentralDispatch is a leading dispatch center used by my most auto transport companies to place and obtain vehicles for shipment.

This resource is generally not available to the general public unless a business chooses to promote it on its website.

The rating on CentralDispatch is obtained from brokers and carriers who do business with another.

Ratings of 80% and lower will normally indicate that the company is not very trustworthy.

This is and excellent reference for those who want to use carriers direct without brokers.

Score Determination

The maximum score for this reference is 100.  

Site Review, Comments and Report is currently the leading reference site for reviews on car shipping companies. 

Businesses listed on often provide incentives for customers to leave reviews on their performance and reward them with some form of compensation. There is nothing wrong with this practice except that customers should not be bribed to only leave good reviews. 

The owners of the site make a good effort to make it reputable and have succeeded by staying neutral and managing the reviews.

Companies normally do not pay to be listed. Some businesses are listed by customers who could not find a listing and decided to add the auto transporter in order to leave a review. It may mean that the company has not claimed ownership yet.

Transportreviews is, according to the opinion of Carmoversdirctory, a reasonably reliable reference to use for customer satisfaction ratings.

Please be aware that the businesses with the most reviews may not always be the best companies. Some companies do not actively promote reviews with their customers. In such cases, reviews that are posted are often mainly negative reviews from customers who were not totally satisfied with the service. Therefore, it is important to consider more sources of reference to get a total impression of how well a business performs overall.

Score Determination

The score for transportreviews is based on the number of stars and number of reviews a company has received. 

Site Review, Comments and Report

The AFta PLAN provides customers a gap cover in case a carrier's insurance fails to pay or in case damage is detected after a vehicle is delivered.

Around 1 in 20 vehicles do get damaged. From this, up to 50% may need major repairs. The carrier's insurance does  have exclusions despite what brokers may tell you. For example, it does not cover a vehicle while it is en-route to or from a truck, acts of nature, debris from the road and while stored at a depot.

The AFta PLAN is a very important service that ensures a shipper is not out of pocket should she need to invoke personal insurance to pay for damages not covered by a truck's insurance.

Only a limited number of auto transport companies offer this service as it is a fairly new introduction in the industry. It is managed and underwritten by Allied Fidelity Group, also the parent company of

The AFta PLAN was added as a reference as it is an essential service offered to customers to ship there cars with absolute peace of mind.

Score Determination

The score for the AFta plan is based on the rating a broker receives from the underwriters. The significance score is average because there are not many businesses offering this service yet, but the score will improve as more car shipping companies start making it available to their customers.

Site Review, Comments and Report

Google Reviews!

The service includes ratings similar to, but it offers it under a more familiar name.

A customer can rate the service by the number of stars up to five stars. Chances for spamming and mass review postings are less likely than most other review services because one has to have a goole account to post a review. 

Carmoversdirectory has given an average significance rating to Transport Rankings

Score Determination

The score for Google Reviews is based on the number of reviews, and the quality of the ratings based on the number of stars received

Site Review, Comments and Report

The BBB is an excellent source for business trust and reliability, but it does have limitations.

The BBB relies mainly on information that businesses provide them, and in most instances, they do not verify if said information is correct. 

A business that is not accredited has no obligation to provide any accurate information about its operations and statistics. This means that with highly inflated numbers and figures about its size and turnover, a business may receive an A+ rating, where in reality, it may only qualify for an F rating. Accreditation is therefore advisable.

The BBB’s mission is to be the leader in advancing marketplace trust. BBB accomplishes this mission by:

              Creating a community of trustworthy businesses 

              Setting standards for marketplace trust

              Encouraging and supporting best business practices

              Celebrating marketplace role models, and; 

Businesses can apply for accreditation with the BBB.

The BBB will rate a business based on a number of criteria to determine their trustworthiness in the marketplace.

The BBB is the resource to turn to for objective, unbiased information on businesses.

Score Determination uses two areas to determine a score form the BBB:



The combination of these two will determine the score for a business. Although a business may have a high rating, it still does not comply to the standard and requirements necessary for accreditation.

Site Review, Comments and Report
Score Determination

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