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The AFta PLAN provides customers a gap cover in case a carrier's insurance fails to pay or in case damage is detected after a vehicle is delivered.

Around 1 in 20 vehicles do get damaged. From this, up to 50% may need major repairs. The carrier's insurance does  have exclusions despite what brokers may tell you. For example, it does not cover a vehicle while it is en-route to or from a truck, acts of nature, debris from the road and while stored at a depot.

The AFta PLAN is a very important service that ensures a shipper is not out of pocket should she need to invoke personal insurance to pay for damages not covered by a truck's insurance.

Only a limited number of auto transport companies offer this service as it is a fairly new introduction in the industry. It is managed and underwritten by Allied Fidelity Group, also the parent company of

The AFta PLAN was added as a reference as it is an essential service offered to customers to ship there cars with absolute peace of mind.

Score Determination

The score for the AFta plan is based on the rating a broker receives from the underwriters. The significance score is average because there are not many businesses offering this service yet, but the score will improve as more car shipping companies start making it available to their customers.

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