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Site Review, Comments and Report is currently the leading reference site for reviews on car shipping companies. 

Businesses listed on often provide incentives for customers to leave reviews on their performance and reward them with some form of compensation. There is nothing wrong with this practice except that customers should not be bribed to only leave good reviews. 

The owners of the site make a good effort to make it reputable and have succeeded by staying neutral and managing the reviews.

Companies normally do not pay to be listed. Some businesses are listed by customers who could not find a listing and decided to add the auto transporter in order to leave a review. It may mean that the company has not claimed ownership yet.

Transportreviews is, according to the opinion of Carmoversdirctory, a reasonably reliable reference to use for customer satisfaction ratings.

Please be aware that the businesses with the most reviews may not always be the best companies. Some companies do not actively promote reviews with their customers. In such cases, reviews that are posted are often mainly negative reviews from customers who were not totally satisfied with the service. Therefore, it is important to consider more sources of reference to get a total impression of how well a business performs overall.

Score Determination

The score for transportreviews is based on the number of stars and number of reviews a company has received. 

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